Today, she wrote me a song …

A few days ago, Twinkle-Toes told me that she thought about being a professional musician, or a song writer.  Based on what I’ve been hearing, I was expecting something with a hip-country-pop sound to it.  Not so, what follows is her first foray into the world of the poetic song writer.  To spare you some time, I’ll only share the last verse … but you’ll get the point rather quickly.

On the 12th day of 6th Grade, my mother gave to me …

  • 12 Music Lessons
  • 11 Notebook Papers
  • 10 English Essay
  • 9 Lab Experiments
  • 8 Math Worksheets
  • 7 Homework Pages
  • 6 Spelling Tests
  • 5 …. New…. Text …. Books …..
  • 4 Sharpened Pencils
  • 3 Grammar Quizzes
  • 2 Read & Thinks
  • and a lesson in Human Anatomy

Now, despite what you might think … this is not entirely true.  I gave her a whole box of pencils.  :-)

3 thoughts on “Today, she wrote me a song …

  1. I have seen photos of Twinkle Toes practicing her “twinkling” in some rather unusual locations recently! We will look forward to her next foray into the world of songwriting…

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