Week 2 … and counting

Everything on our weekly menu is prepared with a GF diet in mind.  All the recipes have been “modified” to fit our GF requirements.  The new recipe this week called for Tomato Soup … but we adjusted and it turned out quite well.


  • Breakfast: Cereal and fruit
  • Dinner:  Potatoes & Beef Casserole (New Recipe-GF) w/Green Beans
  • (Remember to thaw Pork for B’bque.)


  • Breakfast: Fried Eggs or Maple Oatmeal
  • Dinner: Pork B’Bque, Cole Slaw, Deviled Eggs
  • (Remember to check for Pineapple TidBits.)


  • Breakfast:  Muffins and Yogurt
  • Dinner: Pineapple Chicken and Rice w/Broc Salad
  • (Remember to thaw beef for Thursday night.)


  • Breakfast: Cereal and Yogurt
  • Dinner: Hungarian Goulash w/Noodles and Green Salad


  • Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and bacon
  • Dinner: Leftover B’bque and Bonfire Night


  • Breakfast:  Eggs and Bacon before Soccer
  • Dinner: Surprise … the kitchen is closed.


  • Breakfast: Oatmeal and fruit
  • Dinner:  Sandwiches and Salad

4 thoughts on “Week 2 … and counting

    • LOL … to plan lunch would imply that I know when we will be eating it. Ha ha …. Sam would really chuckle if he read this …. fasting. :-)

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